Fun and classic gifts that children will love and cherish!  

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Angel Doll Gold Sparkle
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Dreaming Daphne Deer Spot Blush
Iris Pom Pom Doll Gold Star Dress
Lulu Doll Ivory
Adele Deer
Adele Deer
Layla Bunny Blush Sparkle
Olivia Fairy Doll Ivory Blush
Scarlett Pom Pom Doll
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Swan Ballerina Blush
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Swan Ballerina Silver
Aurelie Linen Cat Doll
Rainbow Poof Poodle Back Pack
Fantasia Multicolor Unicorn Back Pack
Gilda Pink Flamingo Back Pack
Fuzzy Friend Wristlet
Animal Tooth Fairy Pillow
Animal Bank
Animal Bank
Alimrose Billie Ballet Bunny 17in.
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Alimrose Angel Bunny with Gold Wings 20 in.
Large Ballerina with Star Charm Necklace
Mermaid & Rainbow Necklace
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Bambi Fawn Cord Necklace
Gold Bow Necklace
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Cuddly Unicorn Speak & Repeat
II Etait Une Fois Porcelain Tea Set, 10pcs
Mademoiselle Colette Doll
Mademoiselle Eglantine
Prima Ballerina Mouse
Top with Race Cars Inside
New York 3 Puzzles by Nathalie Lete
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