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I LOVE gift giving! I love the seasons, holidays and occasions that celebrate giving, and family gatherings. In 2006, surrounded by family and friends, I opened a small shop named Gifted, in the West Brighton neighborhood of Staten Island, NY.

Gifted is a kaleidoscope of curious trinkets, classic toys, handmade jewelry, small-batch sweets, bath & body products, men’s grooming gifts, scented candles, tabletop gifts and fashion accessories.  Gifted is a celebration of the seasons, traditions and occasions that we cherish. We carry great gifts for men, women and children. Our gifts are fun to give, and wonderful to receive.

Gifted makes gift giving easy, with a great selection of unique and popular gifts, always beautifully gift wrapped in our signature chocolate brown and aqua brand colors. We ship nationwide and offer in-store pickup. Shop our website for great gifts, or visit our store to experience the warmth with which we serve our customers, and the joy with which we keep shop.  For every season, every occasion, Gifted has the perfect gift! 


Naoemi P. Gullickson

Owner & Founder




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