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Designed and produced in collaboration with psychomotor therapists, this  set of three cuddly cats is ideal for developing baby’s sense of touch.  Each little cat has its own unique characteristics. One of them is heavy,  and one of them is light. One of them is fluffy, and one of them has  crinkly fur that rustles when you touch it. Babies will love discovering  all their unique features playing with this rich and varied multi-sensory  set. From birth onwards. Key features: - Develops fine motor skills and  dexterity - Fabrics with a variety of different textures let babies  discover a range of different tactile sensations - The cats feature  contrasting colours and dotted patterns designed to develop baby’s sight -  Ribbons mean the cats can be hung up anywhere Hint: Just place these little  cats within reach, and baby will be discovering their different tactile  features in no time, helping to develop their sense of touch and fine motor  skills. The little cats are 14 cm high.

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