Face Mask

To exfoliate, cleanse & detoxify. 100% natural. A beauty-boosting go-to for centuries, clay’s powerful properties naturally draw out dirt and impurities and restore a rich, radiant glow.

Matchless in its balance of strength and softness, the unique makeup of Moroccan Red Clay gives it a penetrating punch that deeply detoxifies, extracting toxins and whisking away troublesome oils without drying out skin. A high dose of iron oxide supplies its red color + its power to rejuvenate skin and restore brightness. Glow, baby, glow!

To use :

1. In a bowl, mix 3 tbsp of clay powder with warm water or herbal infusion.

2. Apply with fingertips to skin. Massage in a circular motion.

3. Let sit for 5 minutes to receive full moisturizing & conditioning benefits.

4. Rinse with warm washcloth & gently pat skin dry. Discard any extra product.


Enhance your mask with natural ingredients

These clay masks are 100% natural and are the perfect base to add fresh ingredients for added benefits.

To exfoliate, add coffee grounds or cornmeal.

To cleanse, use green tea instead of water, or add honey.

To detoxify, add fresh grapefruit juice or turmeric powder.


  • Dimensions: 3.25"Dia x 3.25"H
  •  Fill Weight: 3.5 oz / 98 g
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