Chess Vintage Bookshelf Edition

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Standing the test of time, chess is one of the world’s oldest and most popular board games. For centuries people of all ages have been enjoying this game of strategy and focus. Don’t take your eyes off the board, because in a game where every move matters you don’t want to be the one to hear the word “checkmate.” you don’t have to be royalty to play, however, you must protect your king like you are.

The game box is a fabric-wrapped book with integrated storage. A themed slipcase covers and protects the game box. Inside you'll find a full-sized game board that folds up for storage and the following accessories: 32 wood chess pieces: 16 dark and 16 light, 2 fabric pouches.

  • Bookshelf case (box) measures: 10.625 x 8.375 x 2.63 inches
  • Ages 9 and up.
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