The Harlow Henry Classic Baby Blanket Collection is the perfect choice for tummy time, stroller time and keeping your precious little one cozy in the crib. Striving to be delicate enough for a baby's fine skin but durable enough for a busy baby, our blankets hit every target and won't disappoint. Using the super soft cashmere fibers from the undercoat of the cashmere goat, these throws are made up of a cashmere/merino lambswool blend and come in soft rose and soft grey and a 100% lambswool in pink/cream and blue/cream stripe, are 29”W x 41”L with a rolled tassel detail. These cashmere and wool blankets will quickly become the ultimate ‘must have’ family heirloom. 

  • Cashmere/Merino Lambswool Blend
  • Soft Grey with a cream tassel 
  • 29"W x 41"L
  • Made in Ireland
  • Dry clean Only
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