Yes, we said Beer Soap! And yes, these soaps really do have beer in them.

Beer is known to be an anti-inflammatory if applied topically to the skin. And in the soap, the beer gives the soap a great thick & creamy lather. Beer soaps are perfect for both beer & soap enthusiasts alike. They also make a unique gift for those hard to buy for guys in your life. But never fear, the soaps have 0% alcohol by volume once the beer goes through the soapmaking process (which includes boiling the beer & then freezing it).

Blue Ribbon - Like we said, we're pretty sure you can figure out what not-so craft beer this one has in it, but we don't want to ruin the fun so we aren't going to say. The scent of the Blue Ribbon soap is the most, well, beery of the bunch. You can definitely pick-up on the hops & beer smell. 

98% Naturally derived ingredients
Handmade in the USA
Size: Approx. 4 oz

How to Use: Our Blue Ribbon Beer soap is perfect for use as either a hand soap or an all-over body soap!

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