This stunning gift box features gummy bears gliding down snow-capped mountains on snowboards. Adding a playful and festive touch to your holiday celebrations.

Assortment of six mouthwatering fresh fruit gummy bear flavors, all grown and meticulously crafted in California. Made with the finest ingredients, these gummy bears are a guilt-free indulgence as they are non-GMO, fat-free, and gluten-free, appealing to adults and children alike. Made in the USA.

Prepare your taste buds:

* Raspberry: Juicy berries bursting with flavor.
* Strawberry: A delightful favorite for generations.
* Pink Grapefruit: Refreshingly zesty twist.
* Tangerine: Vibrant and citrusy burst.
* Mango: Eexotic and tropical.
* Peach: Summery sweetness

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