Rose Facial Gift Set

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Gift set includes: Slow North Facial Roller, Slow North Organic Rose Water Facial Mist, Charcoal Tee Tree Detox Face Soap, and Voluspa Rose Petal Ice Cream Macaron Candle

Slow North Facial Roller: 

The ancient beauty ritual of facial rolling massages the skin, and encourages lymphatic drainage away from the face to help rid the body of toxins and waste. This facial roller features a small insert piece to protect the stone from direct contact with the metal handles, preventing any unpleasant squeaking or tarnishing you may have experienced with other facial rollers.

Slow North Organic Rose Water Facial Mist:

100% pure Rose Water Facial Mist features a custom blend of certified organic, steam-distilled Rosa Damascena and Rosa Alba. Free of preservatives, additives, or synthetics.

Volume: 2 fl oz (59 ml) and 4 fl oz (120 ml)

Charcoal Tee Tree Detox Face Soap:

Charcoal Detox Face Wash joins a citrusy bouquet of authentic lime and tangerine with a rich lavender infusion, awakening your senses while keeping problem-skin freshly scrubbed. It is precisely crafted to offer a rich lather that includes purifying bamboo charcoal, tea tree oil, dead sea mud; exfoliating ground walnut seed shells; as well as soothing chamomile powder. This blend will leave your skin deep-clean, invigorated, and satin-soft, ribboned with an exhilarating scent to keep you on your toes.

Voluspa Rose Petal Ice Cream Macaron Candle: 

Scent: Notes of Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, Tart Raspberry Ribbon, Marshmallow Vanilla Crème & Sugared Rose Petals.  

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