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This Royall Lyme Soap combines the oils of plumpest West Indian Royall limes with 77 essential oils, as well as other cooling extracts. This cleanser has been derived from an authentic island formula that was favored by colonial Victorian gentlemen. The result is a fragrance that is zestfully crisp but unobtrusive. This 8-oz bar is long-lasting to keep discerning men satisfied. Obtain this bar of soap for your shower ritual and you'll be sure to get hooked enough to keep it as a timeless essential. 

  • Contains 77 essential oils for a rich lather
  • Scented with zesty, but unobtrusive, Royall limes
  • A large, long lasting bar

Size: 8 oz. 

Made in the USA

-Gift wrap

-Ships within 24-48hrs

-Full 30 day refund


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