4PC Set Glitter Glam Toebandz Collection


Stop the waste, and ditch the ugly twisted paper towels around your toes!  Lose those uncomfortable stiff foam toe spreaders that over-spread your toes, and can't be worn with flip flops for on-the-go air drying.  Simply wrap a Toebandz around any toe that touches another before applying pedicure nail color, and attach the included adhesive spacers to the Toebandz to create more space between toes if needed.  The velcro feature makes it easy to adjust the fit of the bands. Toebandz are the fun and stylish way to separate toes while applying nail polish and end annoying smudges. Toebandz are so comfortable that you will forget to take them off even when your nail polish is dry! Toebandz are US Patented. Made in USA. 


Set consists of one toebandz tube each of:  Cosmic Blue, Royal Purple, Candy Pink, Snow Princess

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