Gift Basket Includes: Peony Diffuser, Finchberry soap saver, Lacy Loofah, Big Heart Soap On A Rope, & Solid Shampoo Bar

Peony Diffuser:

These thicker reeds saturate thoroughly, allowing the scent to disperse further. We use only the highest quality essential oils and fragrance. Filled in a shatterproof amber bottle, the oil is protected from light until use, maintaining the integrity of the scent. Our glass bottles can be re-used or refilled

Big Heart Soap On A Rope:

This heart shaped vegetable based soap made using fine natural ingredients, and delicately scented with the fragrance of fresh roses will make showering a lovely and relaxing experience. Its generous size means that this arge beautiful soap will last a long time.  Approximately 3.5"x4". 

Solid Shampoo Bar:

Finchberry's herbal shampoo bars are handcrafted in small batches with guilt-free hair loving ingredients. Require no harsh chemical preservatives while still providing a lush gentle lather.

Finchberry Soap Saver:

Keeps soap dry so they last longer!

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